Advanced Solutions, Inc (ASI) aerospace capabilities include Guidance, Navigation and Control (GN&C) systems, flight software (FSW), spacecraft assembly/integration/test (AI&T), spacecraft mission operations, spacecraft command/telemetry systems, aerospace ground data systems and dynamic space simulation.

Our experience spans both civil space (NASA, commercial) and DoD (Air Force Research Laboratory, United States Air Force Academy, Classified) programs as well as several research and development projects (Internal R&D, NASA and Air Force SBIR funded R&D).

Specific areas of ASI aerospace expertise are:

Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control Systems

  • Digital Control System Design and Analysis
  • Kalman Filter Based Navigator and Attitude Determination Design
  • Entry and Ascent Vehicle Guidance System Design
  • Subsonic to Hypersonic Atmospheric Modeling
  • Flexible Body and Slosh Dynamics
  • Rendezvous and Docking and Proximity Operations
  • Robotic Systems and On-Orbit Satellite Servicing

Spacecraft Avionics and Flight Software

  • Avionics Design and Specification
  • Embedded Software Design and Development
  • Real-Time Systems (Vx-Works, OSE)
  • Flight Software Design and Development

Aerospace Ground Data Systems and Simulators

  • Ground Software Design and Development
  • Command and Telemetry Processing
  • Web-Based Data Distribution System
  • Dynamic Space Simulators
  • Spacecraft Integration, Test, and Flight Operations Experience