photo-sunsensorAdvanced Solutions, Inc (ASI) produces custom space-qualified hardware components and avionics. Our spacecraft hardware and avionics have been through full qualification and acceptance tests including random vibration, shock, thermal-vacuum and EMC/EMI.

Our production and test processes and procedures have been approved by both spacecraft prime integrators and the Air Force.

Payload Control Boards

ASI produces AVR32 Microcontroller-based avionics used for a variety of spacecraft and payload control functions. These space-qualified designs can be tailored to your specific needs and have the computing capability to handle complex control functions. Two examples of the use of this design are the Voltage and Current Measurement Module (VIMM) and the Contamination Measurement Experiment Control Unit (CMECU). Both these units are integrated on the FalconSAT-6 spacecraft set for launch in 2016.


ADCS Components

Our sun sensor assembly completed a successful mission aboard the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) TacSAT-2 spacecraft which launched in December 2006. Our rate sensor assemblies have performed flawlessly on the ORBCOMM Generation 2 satellite constellation (6 satellites launched in July 2014, 11 additional satellites to be launched in 4Q 2015).