photo-mro3ASI and ASI personnel have been active participants in Integration, Test and Mission Operations on several spacecraft programs. Our participation has included activities from overall test flow planning to execution of specific integration and mission simulation tests to actual console operations during launch and mission activities. photo-spacecraft-integrationASI engineers have served as Test Conductors on many spacecraft including the Orion PA-1 Launch Abort Test Flight and Engineering Flight Test-1 (EFT-1). ASI personnel have also been active participants in Mission Operations Concept development as well as nominal and contingency operations procedure development.

Programs that ASI’s Test & Mission Ops personnel have supported include:

  • photo-tacsat2Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Mars Odyssey (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Genesis (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Stardust (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Mars Climate Orbiter (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Mars Polar Lander (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Mars Global Surveyor (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Magellan (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Phoenix Lander (Test & Mission Ops)
  • Deep Impact (Test & Launch Ops)
  • SIRTF (Test & Mission Ops)photo-grail
  • Classified GEO spacecraft (Test & Mission Ops)
  • AFRL TacSat-2 (Test & Mission Ops)
  • AFRL DSX – Demonstration & Space Experiments S/C (Test)
  • ORBCOMM Gen 2 – High Availability Communications S/C (Test)
  • ORION – Crew Exploration Vehicle PA-1, EFT-1, EM-1 (Ground System, Test & Mission Ops)
  • Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite R-Series Program (GOES-R) (Ground System, GN&C, Test, Mission Ops)
  • USAFA FalconSat-5 (Test & Mission Ops)
  • USAFA FalconSat-6 (Test)