May 22, 2010 – Advanced Solutions, Inc in conjunction with Chatfield High School in Littleton, Colorado collected and shipped 8 boxes of donated football equipment to American Samoa, Samoana High School during the spring of 2010.  Below is the response.

Dear Mr. Bucher,

Greetings from Samoana High School in American Samoa!  I hope all is well with family and work with the Lord’s guidance and blessings.  Please, allow me to introduce myself; I am Rev. Simon Mageo, principal of Samoana High School and offensive coordinator of our varsity squad.  This appreciation note is long overdue….my sincere apologies!

On behalf of Samoana High School’s student‐athletes, the coaching staff, and PTA, I want to extend our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the generous and invaluable donation of football helmets, shoulder pads, straps, jerseys, etc to our football program.  EVERYTHING that was given to us, through Mr. Martin Tufono, has been put to good use and our players are utilizing it to the fullest for their benefit.  I will post pictures of the donated equipments, as they are used by the players, sometime soon for your records and viewing.  Without the donated equipment, several of our players would have been without the proper equipment (size‐wise) to compete.  Once again, thank you so much for your generosity and the donation.  May the Lord bless you and your endeavors as you continue to be a blessing to others, especially the less fortunate.

Please, if you have any equipment to give away, we would be more than willing and appreciative to have accepted it.  Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Respectfully and God Bless,

PS: I used to coach Martin Tufono when he played for our school some years back.