Littleton, Colorado — June 15, 2015 — Advanced Solutions, Inc (ASI) in coorporation with All-Points Logistics, Lockheed Martin, NASA, ESA, and Airbus DS GmbH successfully delivered the Orbital Maneuvering Subsystem Engine/Thrust Vector Control (OMS-E/TVC) Emulator (OTE) to the Airbus location in Bremen, Germany.

The Orbital Maneuvering Subsystem Engine (OMS-E) is a part of a propulsion system in the Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle-European Service Module (MPCV-ESM). All the electrical interfaces of the propulsion system such as valves and instrumentation in the MPCV-ESM will be controlled by the Propulsion Drive Electronics (PDE).  For validation and qualification tests support equipment is needed to electrically simulate the counter-part to the PDE instead of the real OMS-E.  ASI built, tested, and delivered the OTE.  ASI personnel, as part of the larger team, traveled to Airbus to perform initial integration into the Airbus PDE lab.


Pictured (L to R): Zach Cuseo (ASI), Agnieszka Harbach (LM), Jamie Mouw (ASI), Allison Simpson (LM), Zack Usher (LM), Jeff Szmyd (ASI), Kim Fleming (LM), Allen Bucher (ASI), John Cuseo (ASI), Clint DeHerrera (ASI)