Littleton, Colorado — July 15, 2015 — Advanced Solutions, Inc (ASI) received the Orion Group Acheivement Award for outstanding contributing team leading to the resounding success of the EFT-1 Mission.  The award was given, “For Exceptional Performance on Orion Spacecraft ATLO and Ground Data Systems, Contributing to the Successful Exploration Flight Test-1”.

Shane Roskie, Orion MPCV TE&O Lead and Launch Conductor noted, “ASI filled many critical roles on the ATLO and GDS teams.  ASI employee Angie Williams served as the System Test Engineer (STE) performing all required commanding of the Crew Module prior to Launch.  ASI also resolved many problems for the Engineering Support Room (ESR) and Test Launch Control Center (TLCC) during spacecraft testing.  ASI was instrumental in executing the mission simula-tions, and ASI was responsible for quickly resolving infrastructure problems that arose during those simulations.”