The Successful Check Out and Commissioning of the Landmapper-BC3 ADCS System Brings Astro Digital’s Landmapper Constellation One Step Closer to Commercial Imaging Operations

May 9th, 2018 – Santa Clara, CA — Astro Digital (, a leading satellite imaging company, in partnership with Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI,, a forward-leaning Guidance Navigation & Control and Flight Software company,  announced today they have completed the commissioning of the Landmapper-BC3 satellite’s attitude determination and control subsystems. The completion of these activities has successfully verified the subsystems’ proper operation and performance.

“We are proud to announce the continued success of our checkout activities for the Landmapper-BC3 satellite,” said Chris Biddy, CEO of Astro Digital. “Today’s milestone means our team can move forward with the commissioning of our Ka-band high data rate transmitter bringing us one step closer to commercial imaging operations.”

Astro Digital enables anyone to monitor Earth from space through open data and their own constellation of multi-spectral satellites, providing software to analyze massive volumes of imagery. Monitoring land to model global change and analyze local activity in AgTech and beyond is a $4B market across agriculture, forestry, disaster response and urban applications.

Astro Digital partnered with ASI to integrate ASI’s MAX (Modular Autonomous eXtendable) Flight Software and their unique SOLIS-based (Spacecraft Object Library In STK) development cycle on the Corvus-6 and Corvus-16 cubesat platforms.  Ultimately ASI’s products will be used across the entire Landmapper constellation and many of the spacecraft Astro Digital is currently building for third party customers. With flight heritage on FalconSat 5, ORBCOMM Gen 2, and several others awaiting launch; MAX Flight Software with ODySSy (Onboard Dynamic Simulation System) continues to be a major asset to accelerating the maturity of the constellation.

John Cuseo, CEO of ASI, notes that, ”ASI is very proud of our partnership with Astro Digital and we are excited to see our vision of rapid, reliable, and highly-capable COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) flight software working in all phases of satellite development, but especially in orbit.  We see flight software as a subsystem that has the unique ability to reduce costs from day one through end-of-life.  We’ve designed MAX with this in-mind; and it’s proving its value in the Landmapper Constellation.”


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Astro Digital is enabling big data analytics from space. We monitor Earth from space with open data and through our constellation of multi-spectral satellites, with dedicated software for imagery analysis and distribution. With 20 engineers based on NASA’s Moffett Field, we’re monitoring commercially active land use to model global change and analyze local activity for a variety of business needs. For more info visit:

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Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI) is an innovative aerospace and aviation business headquartered in Littleton, Colorado. ASI is an industry leader in the creation of Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems; Embedded Flight Software Solutions; and Mission Information Technology Solutions. For more info visit:

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