partner-logo-sierraORBCOMM is a wireless telecommunications company providing narrow band two-way digital messaging, data communications, and geo-positioning services on a global basis. The Generation 2 constellation will replace current OG1 constellation and comprise 18 satellites initially, with up to 48 total satellites. For OG2 ASI is providing:photo-sierra1

  • Bus Flight Software and Simulation including ODySSy™
  • Attitude Determination and Control System
  • Integrated Avionics Design and Fabrication Support
  • EGSE and Test Equipment Design and Development
  • Ground Data System Design and Development

ASI was partnered with MicroSat Systems (acquired by Sierra Nevada Corporation in 2008) on the TacSAT-2 program, the first Air Force flight demonstration program under the Operationally Responsive Space initiative featuring 11 onboard experiments conducted during the spacecraft’s 6 to 12-month mission. ASI was the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) design architect and provided the ADCS flight software including the On-Board Dynamic Simulation System (ODySSy™). TacSAT-2 was launched successfully atop a Minotaur I launch vehicle into low earth orbit on December 16, 2006 and successfully performed its mission objectives. For TacSat-2, in addition to selecting ADCS components, designing and coding the ADCS software, and participating in integration testing, ASI supported spacecraft bus testing and launch activities on site at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque. After launch, ASI supported mission operations via assisting with mission planning, conducting on-orbit data analysis, and assisting with vehicle anomaly resolution. TacSat-2’s on-orbit performance demonstrates ASI’s ability to completely design and field a spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control System along with the corresponding flight software.