ASI announces the latest release of SOLIS, version 11.4.1, to follow the groundbreaking SOLIS 11.4 release. The 11.4.1 release includes several exciting new features and functionality improvements.

Included in this release is the much-anticipated rotisserie capability. The comprehensive rotisserie update allows users to command their spacecraft to perform a rotisserie motion relative to any target vector that exists within SOLIS. The rotisserie mode commands the spacecraft to rotate either about a target vector or normal to a target vector, each at a specified rate. Integrated into the complete spacecraft and mission modeling of SOLIS, users can analyze the impacts of a rotisserie mode on all spacecraft subsystems including power, thermal, and ADCS.

Additionally, the SOLIS 11.4.1 release provides users with access to new targeting vectors including the Central Body Orbit Normal, Spacecraft Orbit Normal, and any inertial vector.

Full release notes can be found here.