ASI Software and Systems Engineers have created a variety of Custom Software Products across a variety of industries. Highlighted below are a few examples of the breadth and depth of the ASI software development capabilities.

Food Assistance Delivery System

The FADS (Food Assistance Delivery System) application was built to facilitate the eligibility for and the disbursement of food stamps for the people of American Samoa. The system incorporated workflows for client and retailers so all stakeholders could be easily managed through the web interface.

Platform: SQL Server 2016, .NET MVC, Javascript, C#

Intelligent Construction Estimator Software (IceSoft)

For a building contractor, ASI developed estimating software that clearly puts the contractor above the competition. It also ensures that nothing is missed, which can be costly in competitive bids.


Platform: FoxPro, Windows

Sports Association Manager (SAM)

The Sports Association Manager (SAM) is a Comprehensive Software Package that Allows Associations to Manage the Data Required to run their Association/Club

This package is designed to provide enhanced capabilities by developing a next generation web based sports association management site. This next generation site will provide:

  • Online player registration and credit card payment
  • Web portal for information sharing among players, parents, coaches, and directors
  • Back office tool for Association/Club data management

The goal of this site is to provide multi-tiered access to association data. The data that will be managed includes player information, coach information, team information, and facility information. The multi-tier approach will allow players to input their registration data directly, reducing data entry time and errors. Coaches will also input their own personal information and have access to all the teams and players that the administrators grant them permission to view. Directors will have access to all teams within their area of responsibility. Administrators will have access to all the data within the system and will also have the ability to grant or restrict access to coaches and directors.


Platform: Linux, Jakarta, Tomcat, JSP, J2EE, Cayan, MySQL

TurboQuest, Pumps, Compressor Pricing

For a manufacturer of sophisticated fluid control equipment, ASI developed several packages for the sales force that combines web and database technology. Because information is exchanged quickly and accurately, it streamlines the quoting, engineering, and building of the company’s products.


Platform: Linux, Jakarta, Tomcat, JSP, J2EE, Cayan, MySQL, Visual FoxPro, Windows


photo-somoa-sealFor the American Samoa Nutrition Assistance Program (ASNAP), ASI worked with Software AG to create, deploy, and maintain the TALOFA Food Stamp eligibility and issuance system.

This system consisted of 2 redundant servers, 25 workstations, and a software application deployed using Windows NT (upgraded to Windows 2003 Server), javascript, and SQLServer.

Platform: Windows NT/2003 Server, Javascript/Visual Basic, SQLServer