Flight Software Development Tool

The DevTool provides users with a way to rapidly build custom components and algorithms within the MAX Flight Software framework. With the assistance of an XML Schema, users define the architecture of a new component, including parameters, commands, functions, telemetry, and interfaces.

  • DevTool reads the user-defined XML and auto-generates the associated flight code
  • Users can then focus solely on implementing and testing the algorithm rather than developing all the code to support commanding, telemetry, commands, sequencing, and linking to the rest of the system


This process has been validated to produce accurate and human-readable flight code.

  • Prevents substantial effort by software engineers in the areas of coding, peer-review, and test
  • Hurdles to developing fully-functioning flight code have been greatly diminished
    • Users can now evaluate the impacts of new algorithms directly within the actual flight code
    • Greatly reduces the need to develop and maintain alternate simulations

With the DevTool, users are able to design and modify components at a high level
Let the process deal with all the lower-level coding. As requirements and topologies evolve, there is often a need to modify components or interfaces. Users can then make the appropriate high-level changes to the XML and let the DevTool regenerate the underlying code. This prevents much of the “patching” that typically occurs with evolving systems, resulting in a well-designed codebase.