Modular Autonomous Flight Software

Modular Autonomous Flight Software 2017-05-20T14:00:19+00:00

ASI’s software engineers have leveraged decades of experience in aerospace and complementary industries to design a modular flight software framework from the ground up.  This framework allows a custom application to be easily built from an extensive set of versatile and modular components that have well-defined and common interfaces.

  • ASI’s modular flight software can be targeted and adapted to a wide variety of mission requirements and hardware architectures
    • Current architectures include RAD750, PPC750, Freescale PowerQUICC II MPC8548E-e500, ARM-Based, Core 2 DUO, Intel iX and LEON3FT
  • Our flight software incorporates a unique built-in test capability with high-fidelity full mission modeling, called the On-Board Dynamic Simulation System (ODySSy), enabling rapid Spacecraft Development, Assembly, Test and Integration
  • Our full-featured Sequence Engine uses ASI’s FlightJAS scripting language provides powerful, flexible control of the spacecraft including functionality commonly hard-coded in traditional flight software
  • ASI’s complimentary software product called STK SOLIS (Spacecraft Object Library in STK) provides a full spacecraft simulation within the STK analysis software and is empowered by an integrated desktop version of the ODySSy-based flight software


Benefits of the Modular Autonomous Flight Software include:

  • Simple, robust design of software “building blocks”
  • Fast assembly of a custom solution built from extensive software library
  • Common, well-defined interfaces promote module reuse and change-out
  • Command and Telemetry auto-generation reduces code development time and ensures that ground tools have exact C&T database as the flight software
  • ASI recognizes that every spacecraft program is unique in some way. Therefore, we provide an easy method for creation of new component, sub-system, and system functionality via the DevTool, providing auto-code generation of major portions of newly created flight software