ODySSy – Onboard Dynamic Simulation System

Onboard Dynamic Simulation System (ODySSy) is a full-featured spacecraft simulation built directly into the flight code that can model all aspects of the ADCS subsystem, as well as other subsystems, to form a closed-loop environment around the flight software.

  • One of ASI’s core components designed specifically to help produce rapid & cost-effective space platforms
  • Unique onboard-simulation approach yields tremendously flexible, portable, and powerful system
  • Proven to promote efficiency and accelerate progress



  • Configurable as an all-digital or hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) simulation on a per component basis
    • Incorporate hardware gradually to build-up a complex system
  • Provides synergy between HWIL and other simulations
    • Common/consistent user-interfaces, tools, and data-products
  • Supports open-loop simulation for Built-In-Test (BIT) purposes
    • ODySSy can inject and/or intercept component interfaces to evaluate their validity or performance
    • Used extensively throughout Assembly Integration and Test (AI&T) and supports highly-autonomous Initial Orbit Testing (IOT)


  • Onboard-nature substantially reduces the need for external test equipment
    • Limits development, labor, and training required to maintain external devices that communicate with the flight processor
    • Prevents a common bottleneck in the overall AI&T process for constellation programs
  • Easily ported with the flight software onto a wide variety of flight processors and desktop environments
  • Capable of running in both real-time and significantly faster than real-time.


  • Built upon ASI’s modular flight software framework
    • Enables support for features such as real-time commanding and fault injection via triggered events
    • Rapidly modifiable and expandable via the DevTool without requiring detailed knowledge of underlying framework
    • Simulation and the flight code are one-in-the-same
      • Maximum exercise of the flight code and elimination of the all-to-common problem of developing flight code that accurately represents a simulation


  • ODySSy is a mature and flight-proven capability and has been incorporated on the following programs:
    • Air Force TacSat-2
    • ORBCOMM Generation 2 Constellation
    • USAFA FalconSat-5
    • USAFA FalconSat-6 (launch in 2016)