Target Planner

Target Planner

Target Planner is an algorithm and interface embedded in STK SOLIS that enables users to easily plan and execute spacecraft targeting operations to maximize use of the spacecraft timeline.

  • Leverages STK/Access to seamlessly integrate targeting constraints; including temporal, distance, angle, lighting, etc…
  • Incorporates real-time knowledge of spacecraft agility to determine optimal slew durations
  • Establishes a proven process for rapidly creating and adapting complex spacecraft operations


Users configure the Target Planner by defining and assigning targeting configurations:

  • Target dwell duration
  • STK/Access constraints
  • Spacecraft orientation
  • Sequence(s) to command relative to target arrival and departure

target-planner-screenshotTargets are assigned priorities to help determine the scheduling when conflicts occur.

Target Planner output is a real spacecraft command sequence that can be executed by the flight software.

Time-based and target-based summaries are provided for review.

The Target Planner process utilizes real-time operating constraints rather than worst-case conditions to determine an optimal command schedule by giving preference to priority targets and expiring targets while minimizing slew times. A higher-priority target is guaranteed not to be missed due to the scheduling a lower-priority target.