The SSO-A launch was a great milestone for ASI and its customers. The ASI MAX Flight Software is in use on 5-spacecraft that were aboard the Falcon-9 rocket. All 5-spacecraft are operating successfully following launch and checked-in with their ground teams shortly after separation. Several teams from ASI are actively supporting our customers in operations.

The variety of spacecraft flying MAX on the SSO-A launch demonstrates the versatility and capability that it brings to any spacecraft. These spacecraft include additions to commercial imaging constellations and two United States Air Force experimental spacecraft. Two of these spacecraft are highlighted below.

Astro Digital BC-4: 6U CubeSat with a 3-band, multispectral imager capable of 22-meter resolution. The spacecraft utilizes the highly-capable and autonomous MAX GNC system to target agriculture sites all over the world and downlink the imagery within hours. This is enabled by the advanced Ka-band transmitter that makes this spacecraft capable of 320 MB/sec downlink.

USAFA FalconSat-6: ASI has longstanding partnership with the United States Air Force Academy to support the FalconSat series of ESPA-class satellites. FalconSat-6 is an Air Force demonstration satellite flying multiple experimental payloads and is operated by cadets at the academy with support from ASI engineers.